Paul Leigh

Senior Art Director/Designer

You’re already spending money on advertising – why not make it exciting? To me, the best ads draw on an emotion (or an emoji, as it's known today). And the emotion I generally draw on is Joy. That’s why I like using humor in my ads.

Why humor? It puts people in a happy place. Why wouldn’t you want people to smile when they think of your product or service?

My Viewpoint

I’m a true conceptualizer. I enjoy coming up with ideas that use eye-catching graphics and thought-provoking copy. With so much competing for your customers' attention, you only get a split second to stop the reader or viewer. That means you have to make your ad stand out, make it impactful – or else you’ve just wasted your whole ad spend.

My Experience

I've worked at ad agencies big and small (doing consumer as well as b2b), design firms and in-house.

Though my main focus has been on print, I have experience working on websites, emails and other digital assets. To me, print and digital are just mediums to deliver a message. Crafting that message is key. And that's my strong suit.